Grilled chicken avocado wrap

Share55 Pin2K Stumble443 Yum8 Share +11 Flip Tweet WhatsAppShares 3K  Grilled chicken avocado wrap with spinach makes a quick easy chicken recipe that is healthy, nutritious and delicious; especially when time is short and preparing a big meal is not an option. Also a great choice when you are on the go; save yourself a few good pounds you would otherwise spend on a not-that-great bought sandwich, this wrap is sheer goodness. New Year, new resolutions. And the most famous one: losing weight. I know, December was a hell of a month, too much shopping, eating and drinking. So a healthier January may sound like a good plan, although in reality statistics show that the eating healthily doesn’t really last that long around this time of the year. Oh well, at least we try. But you know what, quick healthy recipes can be truly delicious and super easy to make. Take this wrap, it has got the healthiest stuff you can ask for: avocados, known for the countless health benefits, spinach, a super leaf loaded with vitamins and minerals, and chicken, an easy and light meat that can safely be consumed if you are on a diet, as long as … Continue reading Grilled chicken avocado wrap